VR Elite Commando


VR Elite Commando is a new addition to virtual reality games in Google play. Developed by GameTech Studio launched this week, this game brings you the greatest fun of virtual reality first person shooting game. The game has a very interesting 360 degree game play with a realistic urban city environment. There a many guns in the gun pool from which the player can select the gun of his/her choice. Initially the player has assigned a gun of limited lethality, however, more lethal guns can be obtained by scoring coins. This VR Elite Commando game starts with a basic level however as the game moves forward the levels become tough and tougher. The game has an addictive game play once you start the game you will not stop until you play all the challenging levels. UI and Sounds are best.
VR Elite Commando game developers are committed to take this game to a higher level and introduce some more feature in upcoming releases. Please try and rate this game at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vr.elite.commando.shooting.sniper


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