Basketball Shooter 3d


GameTech Studio released Basketball Shooter 3d game on Google Play Store on July 05, 2018. This game brings real fun to basketball lovers around the globe for its very interactive game play. This basketball shootout game is basically a basketball shooter in which basketball player throw basketball to the basket. The game is categorized in sports category of the Google Play Store which has three different play modes i.e. beginner mode, time challenge and classic mode. GameTech Studio is committed to add more fun to this basketball game by adding different modes of varying difficulty. There are different challenging levels of this game having different difficulty level. Initial levels are easy in which game player will have to pot basketball straight into the basket by only giving right direction to finger swipe. In other levels hoop will be dynamic moving in different direction and the player will have to swipe finger in right direction with a desired power so that the basketball reach the hoop. Applying power greater or lesser then the desired amount would not let basketball to pot rightly in the hoop and the player will lose points for that. However in classic mode the player will have to slam dunk the hoop by providing a specific angle to the trajectory of basket ball. Basketball games lovers may play this game to enhance the accuracy of basketball throw games. If you love basketball game than this game is for you to download and the best thing is totally free. Download it andΒ  enjoy.

How to play:
πŸ€. Touch the screen
πŸ€. Drag your finger to change trajectory of the ball
πŸ€. Release to shoot

πŸ€.Easy controls for players of all ages.
πŸ€.Amazing shooting experience.
πŸ€.Three different playing modes.
πŸ€.different for street basketball games, kids basketball games and in-house basketball court games

Download Link:Β


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