Puzzle video game is a unique genre of game in which we have to solve a puzzle each puzzle will test your problem solving skill mean logic pattern recognition sequence solving and words completion etc  the player may have many attempts to solve a puzzle or unlimited time some stage are also time bounded and have few number of attempts

The style is very wide but also involve some level of abstraction and making use of number physics colour shape difficult rules in puzzle games there is often use of lives which is challenging for player because of limited number of tries in such game player often try for a big score or to get into next level by getting and it is only for genius and tenanted people

It is mind game and it is only for genus and talented people

Puzzle game are among the most popular mobile gaming franchise which is puzzle game here is some of the best puzzle game for android

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle is photo puzzle game that requires assemblage of inter locking photo pieces release stress  it is one of the best

Fruit legend

Clear three or more fresh fruits to score to points try to use game props to make more combos play amazing and tasty fruits legend

Word search puzzle

Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it with this addictive word search game

Bubble puzzle space

Being lost is a space you can find you way back to     only by solving the space bubble puzzle

Angry birds classic

Use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the greedy pigs defense who state their eggs this is one best game around the world having 100 million downloads

Roll the ball

Move the block with your finger to create a path for moving ball to the red goal block  but riveted blocks cont be moved it has 100 million downloads

Unblock me free

The is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other block out of its way it has 50 million download

Kids slide puzzles

The kids slide puzzles is a simple and funny jigsaw puzzle ideal for your children they will train their brains

Candy crush saga

Switch and match candies in this sweet puzzle game to progress to the next level in hope to achieving sweet feeling loved by million peoples

Word link

Went to prove your vocabulary enjoy the excitement of classic word game wish to play by simple on screen


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