Piano is a acoustic musical instrument. It is a stringed instrument, which is invented by an Italian maker of musical instrument Bartolmco Cristofor around 1700 AD. It was invented in Italy. In piano strings are stuck with hammers. We play piano using keyboard, the keyboard is row of keys, when we struck keyboard with fingers and thumbs of both hand, the hammers strikes because they are connected with keyboard and sound is produced.

There are 88 keys on almost every modern piano 52 of them are white keys and 36 are black, white keys are bigger than the black ones. All the keys produce different sounds when they pressed by performer playing piano.  Piano games are very interesting because they are great way of enjoyment and refreshment. Piano is a best way to release tension, it is best time killer. Piano games are all around the world here we have some extra ordinary piano apps and games which we cannot ignore.

Deluxe piano
The perfect piano games with new magic not step on the white pieces follow music by clicking on colours having simple operation rich game play can complete with small partner so you have a perfect music beyond imagination feast

Perfect piano
It is an intelligent piano simulator this app can teach you how to play piano and amuse you at the same time.

Lovely piano tiles
This is a game of music category with simple game play suitable for all ages and very addictive

Real piano
It is the best piano keyboard on Google play for pianist, musician performer’s keyboard artist’s amateurs or beginner

Piano tiles 2tm
The hit of the world loved by 100 million of player piano tiles 2tm with is simplicity thrill seeking challenge taking feature is always in the top rank in this game player have to follow music by stroking end the game

Magic tiles tm
It is one of the greatest loved games in 2018 which has more than 8 million players around the global

Pink piano
This app is created especially for kids and parent to learn to play musical instrument wonderful songs exploring different sound and develop musical skill

Piano solo HD
Piano solo HD will give you tons of fun with your own music

Piano magic tiles in 2018
This is the best piano white tiles play more than 10 million players have download and played

Pink butterfly piano tiles 2018
You like piano games as you do with shooting games or racing games pink butterfly piano tiles is a wonderful game to play press the black tiles continues to play music white tiles and do not miss any piano black tiles to finish each songs


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