Days are gone when EA used to be one of the world leading player in licensed golf games. A much smaller company HB Studios has signed an agreement with PGA Tour to add licensed courses to The Golf Club 19.

The financial terms of the agreement are not yet disclosed by HB Studios but the deal has to cover only courses and potentially sponsors, but not player themselves.

The first Golf Club game launched in 2014, with a sequel arriving in 2017. Those games were praised in particular for their course-creation tools, but as mentioned, they lacked a wider appeal due to how they did not have the PGA Tour license. The third game is coming out in August.

The licensing director of the PGA Tour Mat lofredo was of the view that they enjoyed long term successful partnership with the EA, He also expressed that video games are good way to help grow golf as a sport. He said he is happy that the PGA Tour’ licensing deal go to a new company.


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