PlayStation update 5.55 released


A new version of playstation update has been released and it has been named version 5.55. it is a new update to playstion 4. It does not add any new feature for playstion 4, the focus of this release is to improve performance.
“This system software update improves system performance” is the say of the company.
The setting can be updated by pressing Update button in Settings/System Software update; however, you can be prompted to automatically update the system software. It is also possible to download and install the update from USB.
The version 5.55 is comparatively a smaller update to the earlier update 5.50 release earlier in March.
Sony’s E3 2018 briefing is coming up early next month. The event will focus on four big games, and Sony has also confirmed there will be no news about hardware–so no PS5 reveal.


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