Mobile Games


Mobile games are video games which are played on feature phones and smart phones.
The earliest mobile game was Tetris variant on the Hagenuk MT-200 device from 1994 but in 1997,Nokia launched the very successful snake game which is preinstalled in most of device manufactured by Nokia This game become most played video game. It was pre installed in more than 350 million device around the word
In last two decades mobile phones are diffused all over the planate and according to operators the mobile game is the most performed activity by users on their mobiles. Gaming market is growing faster day by day every new day beautiful mobile games are uploaded on Google play store etc which are downloaded by thousand of users because people consider it a best time killer. Now in last few years the introduction of smart phones has brought the mobiles games to their highest height because the graphic are remarkable on such a devices. one of the most played mobile game is Candy crush, millions of active player are playing it every week other most played game are Temple run, Fifa mobile, Subway surf, Moto racing 3d, kings of glory etc,
Every day new games are launched on IOS and android which are played by millions of players. It is also a best way of communication with friends because mobile games can be played with active friends connected through facebook etc
Mobile games are smaller in size and takes less memory than pc games and it is easy to play. One type of mobile games is location-based mobile games which are using technology like GPS, these are not only played only mobile hardware but also integrate the players position into the games, many mobile games support multiple players either remotely over a networks or locally via WIFI, Bluetooth or a similar technology .
Mobiles games are the best way of enjoyment and it brings joy to every one.


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