Car Games History


Car video games are a racing games which is played by millions of users around the word. The first car game was released in 1974 and it is released by Atari.
The name of the first car game was “gran task lo” a pretty rudimentary coin-operated arcade game which saw the player drive a car around bendy track from top-down prospective attempting to beat the clock .gamers controlled this black and white action using a steering , wheel, pedal and a gearstick on the arcade cabinet,
Further development were made and in 1976 Atari made a persude-3d racing game called “Night Driver” This is powered by 8-bit microprocessor 8 bit is roughly the same amount of data as a single letter in this article means these games were very small when seventies are about to end the vector beam tried something different he made a game which gives us a glimpse of future with it amazing and remarkable 3d graphics the name of this 3rd generation game was speed freak this game brings the revolution is car racing video games now a days the introduction of smart phones ,modern generation computers and play station etc making it the biggest game around the word
When we are playing this games with its beautiful and amazing graphic and with its easy control it gives us the glimpse of reality mean we can feel it as we are driving it with about 40 years worth of history it difficult to mention every important racing game in the genres history but there are some notable omission to this list including micro machines super mario kart wipe out colin mcrace rally burnout etc but when in 1994 the release of the first game of need for speed series the car games reached to its peek
Car games can be played by multiple players at a time on single device .It includes different interesting tasks like some mission are time limited drifting , maximum speed etc.
Car games are very addictive now a days due to stunning high fidelity graphics car games can detect users driving skills those who like to drift or drive a car in a unique way but for good purpose playing car games can easy remove you tension/depression.


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