Augmented reality and real-time strategy games trending in 2018


Half of 2018 has passed but it is quite an exciting year for game development. Augmented reality games have added a new horizon to the galaxy of game development.

It is certainly a good time for new ideas, but the old one are not about to disappear. In fact, big publishers like Candy Crush Saga are still propelling the strategies to maximize downloads and increase game player interest in the game. But those are just small number of trends that came into notice. What developers think are the biggest opportunities in the mobile game development market right now?
To learn about the latest trends and ideas of game developers a survey of about 250 game developers was conducted to get an idea of the hottest trend in 2018.

The survey reviled that the Augmented Reality(AR) games was 43 percent of the choice of game development professionals in 2018. However, the real-time competitive multiplayer games captured about 41 percent of the share of the survey conducted.

Other trends that game professionals opted for were influencer marketing, that came out to be 35 percent of the total poll. People watching games on platforms such as Twitch came out to be 32 percent and the growth of markets like India, China, Russia and Brazil came out to be 32 percent


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